May 3, 2014: More FGC Previews Featuring Whatz & [Teri]otrope!

I come bearing more Fantasy Gacha Carnival finds, thrifty shoppers!  While there’s so very much to show you from this upcoming round of the FGC, for this post I wanted to highlight the offerings from Whatz and [Teri]otrope, which today I am doing with the help of my friend Sabre.  Thank goodness he was a good sport about posing with me! 😛

I really adore these strategically-placed leaves from Whatz, featuring an array of phrases and come in either a leather or a standard leafy texture.  I chose the leather, which I felt complimented this really well-designed and intricate leather armor from [Teri]otrope!  I’m showing one of the rare prizes here in brown, but there are *many* colors to choose from.  Guys, you aren’t left out either, as these pieces are available for you as well, and would suit nearly any type of Gorean or Medieval RP.

I’ll be featuring FGC releases from {yumyums} and Sweet Poison soon, as well as items from Oneword and Fantasy Faire!  Be sure to check out these great events, and may your gacha pulls be lucky!

<3, Candi5-3-14a

 What I’m Wearing:  Each Item 100L or Less (Almost)!

Armor:  [Teri]otrope Forest Brown/RARE – 75LUpcoming FGC!
Accessory:  Whatz Leaf (Leather/Occupied (Common) – 40L – Previous 25LT Event
Collar:  [Forge] Wrought Collar – 350L – Available In-World
Pose:  [Captivity Co.] His Alone – 200L – Available In-World

Non-Discounted Items:

Skin: Glam Affair – Katya (Jamaica) – (Previous Collabor88 event)
Shape: My own custom design
Hands:  Slink – Casual
Feet:  Slink Female Flat
Hair:  Truth Bryn (Light Blondes)
Eyes:  .ID. Luscious (Blue)
Eyelashes: LAQ – Mascara 01 (Black)
Eyeshadow: LAQ 01
Enhancements:  Lolas :::Tango::: breasts & ** Cute Azz

whatzleafy_ad[Teri] Forest Armor[Teri] Forged Armor


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