July 4, 2014: Era of Vikings Featuring May’s Soul, On A Lark, Bite & Claw, And More!

7-2-14 blog sizeFor those thrifty shoppers in the states like me, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  I hope you’re getting a chance to spend time with family and watch lots of pretty explosives!  For those of you in other parts of the world, I hope your weekend is off to a great start, and it should be, with so many fantastic events going on across the grid!

The 30L Era of Vikings gacha is well underway, and I hope you’ve gotten your shopping *mostly* done, as it’s only around for two more days!  I know, I know, I wish it went on a bit longer too, as there’s lots of great items to be had this round.

I was really excited to showcase this lovely set from May’s Soul, in particular the rare offering, this unique rare skull headpiece, complete with a color-changing HUD to customize the painted accent on the forehead to whatever color scheme your pixel heart can desire!  I included the skirt from one of the common outfit sets from this gacha as well, shown here in beige.  This top, in the “Earth” shade from For F’s Sake matched perfectly, as did these rare bracers from ::B&C::.

I also really love the offering from creator Lark of On A Lark.  The “Runes” necklace sets are both beautiful and quite creative, with rune carvings representing happiness, luck, opportunity, strength, wealth, and *many* more!  I chose the “happy” rune. 🙂

There’s a lot more than just clothing and accessories at this event, however!  In the above picture I’ve featured two pieces from [raare], the rare Viking helmet and the Valkyrie shield.  I’ve also included the ultra-rare offering from GOR CON, an interactive stone circle perfect for any type of Gorean or Viking-themed priest role-play.  This set comes with a variety of solo and couple animations and is a great deal!

I hope you’ll check out the Era of Vikings event before it closes for good on the 6th, and until next time, happy shopping!

<3, Candi


What I’m Wearing:  Discounted Items!
Skull (RARE) & Skirt:  *May’s Soul* Viking Soul Gacha – 30L – 30L Era of Vikings Event!
Top:  *FFS* (Earth) – 30L – 30L Era of Vikings Event!
Necklace:  *OAL* Runes Necklace/Happy – 30L – 30L Era of Vikings Event!
Bracers (RARE):  Bite & Claw Studded Bracers- 30L – 30L Era of Vikings Event!
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer Skin – Jamaica (08) – 188L – June 2014 Collabor88
Decor:  GOR CON Menhircircle (ULTRA-RARE) – 30L – 30L Era of Vikings Event!
Decor:  [raare] Viking Helmet (RARE) – 30L – 30L Era of Vikings Event!
Decor:  [raare] The Valkyries (shield) – 30L – 30L Era of Vikings Event!
Tattoo:  +REDRUM+ Blood on Face – 19L – Available on Marketplace
Poses:  Purple Poses – PinUp08 – 15L – Available In-World
Poses:  F*cking Ninjas Mandragora Pose + Katana – 50L – Available on Marketplace

Non-Discounted Items:

Shape: My own custom design
Hands:  Slink – Casual (M)
Feet:  Slink – Mid (M)
Hair:  Truth Blythe (Light Blondes)
Eyes:  .ID. Luscious (Blue)
Eyelashes: LAQ – Mascara 01 (Black)
Eyeshadow: LAQ 01

viking soul vendor copia_OAL_ Runes Jewelry ULTRA__B&C__ Studded Bracers - Rares and Commons AdBrigitta Gacha ADGOR CON Menhir AD UltrareGOR CON Runestones AD Common+Rare[raare] VIKING RAID AD


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